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We all would want to be an expert in trademarks who can lead our client’s way to the rightful direction – but not just a crusty specialist, nor an unfastidious professional – we would rather keep our own artistic sensibility in communicating to do so.

In that spirit, ever since our firm was established, we have aspired to form a professional team where each member can keep their one and only distinctive character under our policy We believe that we will not be able to provide every client with satisfying service if we depend on those few leading players in the team who have already achieved fame. It is our ambition that each member of the team, even the rookie, be conscious of their influence just as though they are the star players themselves and be informative at all times. ”Speaking of trademarks, I know Mr. ○○、Ms. ○○、Mrs. ○○・・・in Japan, and I just noticed that they’re all from Mr. Saito’s firm in Tenma !” is how we hope we would be mentioned in this world someday of “Be an Artist, Be an IP Navigator”.

hoping we hear such voices from people in the Kansai area, spreading through Japan and Asia, we will push forward our goal of becoming the best trademark expert team in the world !